The financial world is saturated with investments, products, strategies, and philosophies. We believe that every firm has a unique story to tell - and more importantly - that this story can drive real results with clients and prospects.

It was this vision which led Craig Hall to found Marketing Wiz. His team includes experienced, tech-savvy, and talented financial copywriters, graphic designers, digital analysts, and marketing automation specialists. Every one of these individuals share a passion for rekindling the spark of human connection between financial brands and their prospects in an increasingly automated world.

Our team understands the state of financial marketing today. More importantly - we are squarely focused on building tools, technologies, and content which will engage the next generation of investment clients.

These next generation clients, Gen X and Gen Y investors, are projected to inherit $30 trillion dollars from Baby Boomers over the next 40 years1. That is $2 billion worth of inheritance, moving every single day, for the next four decades. Just in the time it has taken you to read this short page, nearly $7 million in assets has been passed down by aging Boomers. We also know that 66% of children will fire their parent’s financial adviser after they receive an inheritance2.

For RIAs and IBDs, this represents a massive risk to your existing book of business.

It also represents an even larger opportunity.

It is this opportunity which has driven the Marketing Wiz team to develop a full stack financial marketing platform which segments your clients and prospects across five distinct financial life stages. This allows your firm to tell the right story, to the right audience, every time. The end result is more client engagement, enhanced ROI from marketing activities, and a financial brand which is positioned for the future.

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