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Craig Hall


"For independent wealth management brands to compete, they need to excel at managing the people, the processes, and the platforms that make them truly unique within the investment space"

Craig Hall’s marketing, communications and resource management experience spans 20 years. Before earning his degree in Classics from Siena College, Craig served in the United States Coast Guard coordinating inter-agency communications while managing local, state and federal search and rescue efforts.

For nearly two decades, Craig has worked extensively in digital and multimedia communications creating, distributing and tracking multi-channel campaigns. His experience working in regulated markets started with the pharmaceutical industry, where he helped design and execute national health education campaigns on smoking cessation and anaphylaxis awareness for Pfizer Inc. These campaigns leveraged a variety of consumer, employer and provider networks including the National Parent Teacher Association (NPTA), American College of Emergency Room Physicians (ACEP), and the American College of Occupational, to name a few.

Seeing a need for this type of client engagement within the financial space, Craig moved his focus to RIA and IBD firms, launching his own financial marketing firm in 2009. Craig is author of the RIA’s Guide to Smart Communications and hosts the weekly FinMar Today Podcast.

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